When it comes to the notably delicate part that cameras and monitoring systems cover, we work together with top companies in this field.


There are ready-made compositions PC's for the following categories: HOME PC 7050, BUSINESS 7100, BUSINESS PRO 7200R, POWER PC 7300R, GAMER FANTASY 7500R. We also offer compositions PC's (HTPC),(NUC) for the living room, with unique design and implementation for the specific area of home cinema.


We collaborate with many hardware companies. We mostly use INTEL materials, such as processors, motherboards, graphics cards, network cards, wireless network and Bluetooth cards, SSD drives and server products.


Our company is a Registered Microsoft Partner and we can offer to our clients Microsoft software products as well as Microsoft hardware.


We can, according to our client’s demands, construct specific devices, automations, with specifications that you will provide, or we will design according to the analysis we will receive from you.




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