SAVAS VATOPOULOS (MICRONIC HELLAS), provides innovative solutions to individuals and businesses, making use of the most modern technologies.
The continuous effort to improve and the significant expertise has rendered it as one of the leading information technology and telecommunication companies.
The flexible team of partners with extensive knowledge and proven experience, both in the range of products and personalized services, is also providing facilities such as:

  • Manufacturing of hardware equipment and customized software applications.

  • Development and hosting of professional web sites (sales and technical service of ADSL & VDSL connections to meet your needs).

  • As an O.E.M. we assemble our own Micronic 7000 series PCs based on the diversity of each customer and the updated long life materials/products.

  • Sales of Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, 2 in 1s either Detachables or Convertables, All in Ones, Portable All in Ones, Compute Stick, Conference room PCs, Servers, Smartphones, Wearables, Embedded Devices, Printers, Monitors, Peripherals, etc., from selected major manufacturers.

  • Sales of branded international and domestic computer programs, including the latest “cloud” services of the multinational companies.

  • PC games, console games (XBOX1, XBOX360, PS4, PS3, PS2, PS VITA, WII, DS, etc.).

  • Development of certified international oriented games for all market V.L.T. gaming machines.

  • Installation and wiring with certification for PCs, cameras, alarm systems for residences or industrial premises.

  • Excellent service for computers, faxes, printers, all peripherals, monitors etc.

Being pioneers in quality and method over the last 33 years, our clients embrace our suggestions and have grown to trust us for maximum results.




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